About Me

My name is Michelle Newman and I am attending Cedar Crest College as an adult learner and and majoring in Psychology, a subject I’ve always been fascinated by and now at 35 years of age, am creating the opportunity to learn more about this exciting and interesting field.

I have a background in holistic health through 15 years of experience practicing massage therapy, 4 years of teaching yoga to children and adults, and an Associate’s degree to practice as a physical Therapist Assistant.  Healthy living through proper nutrition, movement and self- care is extremely important to me and I am invested in nurturing my own connection between mind, body and spirit as well as helping others to understand how to do the same for themselves.

I have the best husband in the world who I feel so lucky to call my partner and best friend and together we have a beautiful, funny and intelligent 8 year old child who fills us with love and laughter always.

I am excited to be a part of this Biopsychology course and to learn more about blogging, two experiences I’ve never had before.  I always enjoy learning and trying new things!


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